Call for Abstracts

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday 25th October 2019

The Postgraduate and Early Career Nutrition conference aims to bring emerging nutrition professionals from around New Zealand and Australia together for the purposes of strengthening the research community. Delegates will enjoy an update on the latest research being conducted, discussions on emerging methodologies, career development sessions and networking with peers.

The conference committee warmly invites all postgraduate and early career nutrition professionals, within 5 years of completing study,  from both the fields of nutrition and dietetics to submit abstracts for presentation of their research to peers.

Submission Details

  • Maximum word count: 250 words (excluding title and authors)

  • Submit in Microsoft Word format (.docx)

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced lines

  • Each author may submit one first author abstract; however it is possible to appear as a co-author on additional abstracts.

  • If you don't have finalised results or data that is ready to present, we encourage submissions on methodology or a literature or systematic review.

  • Ensure all listed authors have reviewed the final abstract before submitting

  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the PGECN Committee and delegates will be informed by Friday 18th October 2019, if their abstract has been accepted for presentation.

  • Submit your abstract using the link below or email to: with the following subject line: Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts must be submitted by Friday 25th October 2019

  • Late submissions will not be considered. Receipt of your abstract submission will be confirmed via email.

Abstract Format

Please structure abstracts according to the following format:


  • Postgraduate Student or Early Career Researcher (please delete one as required)

  • 5 minute presentation


 Author Surname, First Name1, Author Surname, First Name2, Author Surname, First Name1,2 (Presenting author underlined in bold)

1Departmental address; 2Departmental address

Background: Rationale for research (i.e. what "missing piece of the puzzle" is your research addressing?)

Objective: Purpose or aim of the study (what are you setting out to discover or what did you set out to discover?)

Design: Briefly outline what was done and how it was done, or if presenting methodology, what will be done. If applicable, include sample size. If a research project, include data collection and processing. If a literature review, explain how it was/will be done.

Outcomes: If presenting research findings, please include main findings with 95% CI and p-values where appropriate. If presenting methodology, include a description of the primary outcome and how it will be measured.

Conclusion: What are the implications of the results with respect to the background knowledge? Stating "Results/findings will be discussed” is not a conclusion and abstracts stating this will not be considered for presentation. For abstracts presenting methodology only, conclusions could include how potential results may influence public health policy or future research. For any abstract submitted, please do not include the statement "future research is needed" without a specific context for the statement.

Submit your abstract by clicking the link below or email to: with the subject line: Abstract Submission